and Nanotechnology are at the forefront of research, and are central to the future of society. PSM  students describe why they study Nanoscience at ASU

Why Nanoscience?

Nanoscience is the study of structures, materials and systems on the nanometer scale. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology are strongly coupled to each other and are at the cutting edge of new developments. They are central to the future of the wider society, in technical, economic and social aspects. ASU is justifiably proud of the quality and number of great faculty, staff and students working in these important areas.

The PSM in Nanoscience degree program enables students to master skills and develop capabilities that equip them to innovate flexibly, and to influence their future career prospects positively. We focus on the needs of modern Industry and External Organizations, for scientists and engineers doing research, development or production. These include broad fields of Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices, Energy and Materials, Sensors and the Environment, Nanomedicine and Healthcare.

In addition to acquiring fundamental knowledge of Nanoscience and mastering research capabilities, students will actively learn Teamwork, Leadership, Interpersonal and Project Management skills. Students are encouraged to become future leaders in the exciting fields of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

This page we feature current Students' comments on the program, giving impressions on why they have chosen Nanoscience for their field of study at ASU. You may also wish to consult the corresponding Alumni pages, to see what our students have done, and where they are headed in future.

Student Testimonials

Chinnu Abraham

 International StudentBEng in Electronics, MEng in Nanoelectronics

By choosing the right courses and the right project for myself, I have gained experience and networks with leaders of industry. Networking and professional management are two vital skills I can take back besides the technical aspects of being a part of this PSM in Nanoscience program.

Mark Allen 

Part-time student Chemistry and Microbiology

I joined the PSM in Nanoscience to advance my career in the emerging field of nanotechnology. In order to accomplish my professional goals, I decided it was necessary to expand my education in what I believe is a defining new era in scientific advancement. The program elements that attracted me were: freedom to choose a course of study that reflects my interests, collaboration with students and faculty from different fields of study, interaction with business leaders, and relevant research and development training as part of the Applied Project.

Jessica Han

Accelerated Program – Biochemistry

The Professional Science Masters in Nanoscience is a unique program at Arizona State University.  It encourages students who want to study in depth with splendid professors at ASU. With an accelerated 4+1 program, students like me can achieve their master's degree within one year.

Toshihiko Honda

Accelerated Program – Physics

PSM provides me an opportunity to learn what the project management in nanotechnology looks like. It's tough but I love doing an Applied Project.

Daniel Livingston

Fall 2015 graduate - PSM in Nanoscience, BS in Physics (Wiche student)

Nanoscience is known as one of the few key disciplines ushering in the next-generation of scientific research and technological innovation. I joined the PSM program because I wanted to be a part of the future — and with world-renown faculty members, the latest in relevant instrumentation, and cutting-edge research projects, I left the program well-prepared to enter the world of nanotechnological development

Jacob Messner

Accelerated Program Biochemistry

The Nanoscience PSM program encourages interdisciplinary research and exposes students to practical applications of industry management. The skillset and knowledge acquired through the program puts graduates at an advantage when ascending the management structure of various industries.

Sharvanti Pinglay 

International student BS in Physics, MS in Materials Science

The biggest advantage of the PSM in Nanoscience program is its interdisciplinary options for course work. It has helped me broaden my knowledge from various departments like Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemistry, along with professional networking. Courses like Nanoscience and Society, and Innovation & IP management teach the practical aspects of being a researcher.

Christopher Potts

Full-time student BA in Molecular Biology, MEd in Science Education

I came to this program after working for some time: the thing I appreciate most is the emphasis on applicable skills. This is not just in doing Nanoscience-specific work, but also for being a productive and effective leader. The program allows me to explore and create a unique experience, which is truly preparing me for working in this new and exciting field.