Enjoying Posters at the Capstone Conference

Graduating and Current Students mix with PSM Faculty and Advisory Board members at this important Annual event

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This tab is of most use to Current Students. We feature each student with their Photo and Short Bio, as the first step of telling ASU and the wider world who they are, as told by themselves. We are careful to comply with FERPA regulations, in that participation is strictly voluntary and is monitored formally. One of the attractions of the PSM in Nanoscience is that student can get a head start towards a career, or a change of career, via presenting themselves well and being positive.

Course Offerings lists courses that are currently available, especially for the 15 credits of Elective Courses, which are distributed between the two Semesters and the first Summer Session. The availability of these courses may change and/or may not be offered in any particular year. Please read the initial paragraph in this section before selecting individual courses.

Applied Projects feature Students on Projects, with their Title and Abstract and their Project Advisor. This unique feature enables visitors to our web site to gain an understanding of the wide range of topics that the students have chosen in collaboration with their Advisors. There is no set Project list available ahead of time, and publication of the Title/ Abstract here marks the first formal stage in completing the Project.

The Capstone Conference is one of the highlights of the Academic Year. Graduating students and recent Alumni present their Posters to their fellow Students, Faculty and Advisory Board members, as well as interested members of the Public.

Internships and Careers are topics of interest to both Current Students and Applicants. We are working on a range of options in consultation with our Advisory Board, and this section will be published shortly