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Steps to Graduation

PSM-Nanoscience students have a few milestones on their path toward graduation:

  1. Students submit their iPOS when they are about half way done (15 credits) with the PSM-Nanoscience degree. Please follow the instructions on how to submit an iPOS. Note: students cannot schedule their Final Master’s Applied Project Defense until their iPOS has been approved by the Graduate College.
  2. Students form their supervisory committee consisting of a chair and two members. Students choose two committee members, one of whom would normally be the Applied Project Advisor. Students consult with the PSM program director who will advise students forming their committee, including discussing possibilities for the third member. The committee should be comprised largely of approved graduate faculty to chair/serve as committee members, but Workplace Advisors are also encouraged to be a part of the process. Students should have their committee approved prior to submitting their interactive plan of study (iPOS) as the committee is part of their iPOS submission. 
  3. Students are required to defend their Applied Project before their 3-person committee, and to prepare a poster and report. The defense should be planned, and discussed with the student's committee in good time. Set a defense date early, and work from there. Please see the PSM Coordinator to secure a space for the Defense.
  4. Students should know deadlines for applying for Graduation. Please visit the graduation deadlines page for details. Students may contact the Graduation Office with questions at: 480-965-3256.
  5. Students must submit an Applied Project Report (forms below) and earn a B or better in their Applied Project coursework to fulfill their culminating experience requirement.