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Recent Graduate Experiences

We are proud to have 60 graduates from the PSM in Nanoscience Program as of December 2016. Our first student, Andrew Walker, graduated in May 2010. Ajit Dhamdhere, Aleta Dozier and Daniel Mieritz graduated in August 2010. December 2010 was quite eventful with 5 more graduates: Swasti Nag, Phani Kondapani, Ceyhan Beckham, Sandeep Gill and Manpuneet Kaur: 9 graduates, an auspicious start.

May 2011 saw the graduation of James Brandon Hepler. In August 2011 Michael Mosher, Matthew Ricketts and Rhet Stinson graduated, and they were joined in December 2011 by Chris England and Derek Mangelsdorf. All 6 graduates in 2011 have jobs: 15 graduates, way to go!

The next additions to the list of Alumni in 2012  were Rebecca Schwartz in May 2012, and 5 more graduates in August 2012: Angelo di Bernado, Nathan Keech, Jonny Martinez, Dan Nguyen and Majid Vayhayenegar. All of these are in jobs or on a PhD program. December 2012 saw 2 more, Ashlee Harris and  Martin McNamara: our first Fulbright Scholar and 23 graduates in total

We had 3 more in May 2013: Ahmed Barakat, Jeff Burkhartsmeyer and Nirav Jadav. In August 2013 we graduated the first 2 students of the 2012-13 cohort: David Richardson and Alex Ward. In December 2013, 4 students: Aruna Manoharan, Xingye Wang, Yiyang Liu, and Diana Khusnutdinova graduated.This cohort took the graduate total to 32.

By May 2014, 4 more had joined the list: Ben Folsom, Matt Sawtelle, Nick Polich and Sriharsha Uppalapati; all of these are either in jobs or have joined PhD programs; employment is good, even in difficult times! Indhuja Arulprakash and Spencer Staples graduated in August 2014, and both now have jobs. In December 2014, 5 more graduated: Joseph Curcuru, Todd Houghton, Joe Margetis, Colin Mothershead and Nicole Smith were added to the list, 43 graduates by December 2014. Two more graduates were added by Summer 2015: Lilya Yakusheva graduated in May and (our second Fulbright Scholar) Johannes Striebel in August. All of these defended their posters at the Capstone Conference in April 2015, where you can see some more photos.45 graduates at this point. Then in December 2015,  we reached the magic number of 50, as 5 more students graduated: Miguel Bueno, Maria-Ignacia Diaz, Cliff Hance Ghiglieri, Daniel Livingston and Rouzbeh Jani.

The most recent Capstone Conference took place in April 2016, and a further 7 students graduated in May 2016 (Jessica Han. Mun Lapai, Veronica Meeks, Ryan Merkely, Jacob Messner, Mahtab Taghipour and Chinnu Abraham). 3 more students graduated in August and December (Toshi Honda, Chris Potts and Saipriya Gollu), so we now have 60 Alumni. We are currently transferring and updating their information for the web-site, and encouraging current students to post their Project Abstracts and graduate in good time. We wish all of them the best of luck with the last stages of their preparation.