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PSM-Nano Alumni and Student Groups

This page is concerned with PSM-Nano Alumni and Student groups. We will be pleased to keep in touch with our Alumni, and are interested in Alumni feedback on the degree program. Also tell us how you would like to develop these pages for use by the Alumni (and Current Students) themselves.

We invite Alumni and Current Students to join our Alumni group on LinkedIn. The web address of this LinkedIn group is here. You need to be already on LinkedIn and contact Dr Venables (Founding Director of the PSM), or be recommended by existing members. This may become an open group in future if the members so decide.

The main resources were constructed by PSM student Nick Polich who started both LI and Facebook group pages as part of his Applied Project with Dr Venables on "New Media in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology". The address for the Facebook group is here, and in this case you have to be a member of Facebook, and have an ASU email.

Another feature of Nick's project is a set of Google Docs. In these documents, you can sign up as a Mentor for new Students (and Applicants). There is a system for commenting on courses you have attended. This system helps current students choose which courses they may wish to attend. This is not a "Rate my Professor" type exercise, rather it concentrates on describing the background material you need in order to understand the course in question.  More details are given on the "Become a Mentor" tab from this menu.