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Program of Study and Program Options

The PSM-Nanoscience program consists of 30 credit hours and is divided into Core courses and Elective courses. Core courses (15 credit hours) are designed to help students improve their background knowledge in a range of subjects. The remaining 15 credit hours are selected by students from a list of Elective courses spanning multiple disciplines. Elective courses are loosely grouped into three Program Options, each of which has a side bar under this Tab, or directly at: 1: Nanomaterials & Nanoscale Devices2: Biophysics & Biomedical Technology, or 3: Biochemistry & Sensing Technology

These options are only a first guide to a sensible group of courses; students may choose their own Elective program under guidance from their Advisor. The Advisor is initially one of the Program Directors, and is typically then the Applied Project advisor, once the student has started on NAN 593, typically in the second (spring) semester (or summer session for those entering in January).

Core courses followed by all students are listed in the table below. Note that only one of NAN 505 and 506 are required, but that both can be taken if offered in any one year

Core Courses

Course Description
NAN 571 Quantum Physics for Nanoscience (3 credits, fall semester) Reviews modern physics, chemistry and mathematics. Methods and examples from physics, chemistry, nanoscience and nanotechnology. Numerical programming and Graphical presentation. *See Comment below 
NAN 591 Professional & Business Seminar (4 credits total; 2 credits fall, 2 credits spring) Students discuss their elective experiences with their peers, guided by Professional Science Master faculty, visiting speakers and industrialists, including Advisory Board members. Preparation for NAN 593 Applied Project, and study of professional and business modules.
NAN 505 Nanoscience and Society (2 credits, spring semester) Integrates nanoscience, nanotechnology and societal issues, taught by faculty and research staff from the Center for Nanotechnology in Society.
NAN 506 Innovation and IP Management (2 credits, first summer session) Intellectual property management in the context of innovation and technology transfer, taught by faculty specializing in intellectual property issues.
NAN 593 Applied Project (6 credits total; 3 credits spring, 3 credits summer) Preparation of an Applied Project under the supervision of a faculty member or workplace advisor. The project will be defended to the student's 3-person committee, and to a wider audience at a Capstone Conference.

*Comment: NAN 571 is required for sudents with a Physical Science or Engineering background. Students with a Biochemistry or Life Sciences background should first improve their Physics and Mathematics background after consultation with the Program Directors. Then in spring they should take NAN 544: Introduction to Nanoscience as their Core course in place of NAN 571. 

As an interdisciplinary program, the PSM-Nanoscience program offers a variety of courses, including Special Topics (NAN 598) courses, contributed by different departments. The availability of these courses may vary by semester, but there is more information on this site at Course Offerings (under the Students tab) and full details on the University Class Search and Catalog site.