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Local Links: ASU Schools, Departments & Centers

Department Of Physics (PHY)

Nanoscale and Materials Physics, listed on Physics Research alongside a strong Center for Biological Physics, involves faculty who share an interest in materials, and in nanoscale examination of materials. ASU's strong reputation in Electron Microscopy and Analysis is based on faculty in Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Materials and Electrical Engineering.

School of Molecular Sciences (SMS)

Research areas featured include Molecular Assembly, Materials and Nanoscience, Molecular Energy and Catalysis, Disease Diagnosis and Therapeutics, Environmental Molecular and Material Science, alongside more traditional Chemistry and Biochemstry divisions.

School for Engineering of Matter, Transport, and Energy (SEMTE)

Undertakes interdisciplinary research which focuses on the challenges that face our world & promotes collaboration with colleagues, industry & government. SEMTE Seminars are of interest to the Nanoscience program, arguably mainly in Materials and in Chemical Engineering

Biodesign Institute (BD)

The Biodesign Institute contains several well-funded Centers led by named Faculty members, and supported by Research and Staff members. Biodesign also supports several Seminar series, that have been attended by PSM Applied Project students. 

School for the Future of Innovation In Society (SFIS)

Several Science Policy-related funded centers (including CPSO and CNS- the Center for Nanotechnology in Society) have recently been folded into this new School (SFIS). SFIS Faculty contribute to the PSM in Nanoscience; and to a Masters in Science and Technology Policy.

School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering (ECEE)

Several Faculty from ECEE teach courses in the PSM in Nanoscience, and also offer Applied Projects to PSM students. Centers associated with this School include the ASU Nanofab, the Center for Nanoionics Research and the Center for Solid State Electronics Research (CSSER). Several members participate in Nanohub, which provides National/ International collaboration in Nanoscience/ Nanotech.

LeRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Science

ASU's LeRoy Eyring Center provides advanced capabilities for materials analysis and characterization. The Center's instruments are available to the entire ASU research community and to academic, government and industrial users across the country. The Center hosts an internationally famous Winter School each January