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This page gives the contact details of the five people involved in running the PSM in Nanoscience degree program.

Applicants and interested Inquiries: Please browse the web site first, and then contact us with specific questions using the web form at Contact Us or the email address nanoscience@asu.edu

The Directors are all Internationally well-known scientists: they are not necessarily in their offices, or even in the country. So please use email routinely to check availability for in-person meetings.

Andrew Chizmeshya

Associate Professor and PSM Director
(480) 965-6072

Jingyue (Jimmy) Liu

Professor and PSM Associate Director
(480) 965-9731

Araceli Vizcarra 

PSM Program Coordinator
(480) 965-9152

Vladimiro Mujica 

Professor and PSM Associate Director
(480) 727-8045

John Venables

Professor Emeritus and Founding Director
(480) 965-0355