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National Organizations

Science Masters

The Science Masters  and NPSMA websites include links to PSM programs across the USA, recent articles, and conferences. Both these sites represent major resources where students, faculty, program directors and advisory board members can obtain valuable information with a view to improving PSM degrees knowledge and recognition.

National PSM Association

The NPSMA is the national association of individuals and organizations interested in furthering the aims of PSM degrees in all disciplines. The NPSMA allows students, faculty and universities to join, holds conferences, produces newsletters, takes part in national debates, etc.

PSM Milestone Project and Current Developments

The PSM Milestone Project was until recently featured on the above two sites, aimed at raising awareness of PSM degrees in all subjects. However the website is currently unavailable, and like our own websites, the two National organisations are undergoing massive reorganization, to make them available on Smart-phones, and may be to merge their operations.

Dr Venables, as Founding Director of our PSM in Nanoscience program, is currently sharing our ASU experience with Program Directors across Arizona and Nationally about such programs.

The bottom line is that these job-oriented, fast track degrees have been expanding rapidly; they have excellent records for employment and on other important criteria. Their reputation is enhanced largely by Students and Alumni "spreading the word", and clearly we hope that the PSM In Nanoscience can contribute in the most relevant ways in future.