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Mentoring and Course Choice

This is an experimental scheme and participation is voluntary on behalf of both Applicants and Mentors. In addition, you can request Advice or an Interview with one of the Program Directors or Coordinator using the Contact Us link.

Course Description Spreadsheet: View course descriptions by other students


This spreadsheet houses information students have entered on classes they have taken.  You can search, sort and read through the descriptions on this spreadsheet in order to inform yourselves on your future courses.  You will not be able to edit content on this spreadsheet.

PSM Mentor Contact List: A list of Students and Alumni willing to mentor other students.


New and Entering PSM Nanoscience students can contact Students and Alumni on this list and can discuss the program, classes and obtain some general advice from the Mentors. This guidance may be invaluable to new students as they embark on their graduate program.

More formal feedback is obtained from graduating students from time to time. The links below are abstracted from a substantial questionnaire which was conducted over the last few years.

Feedback: Course Choices This page is the Landing Page for the Course Questionnaire, and gives an overview of feedback sought recently

NAN 593: Applied Project Students often under-estimate the time taken to complete the Applied Project, so it is good to be clear in advance. There are separate entries on this site for Student and Alumni projects.

NAN 591: Professional Seminar The central role of this course is explored by graduating students, and there is an entry on this site, which will be developed.

NAN 571: Quantum Physics Quantum Physics is no longer required for students with Biochemical/medical backgrounds, but NAN 544: Introduction to Nanoscience is required

NAN 505/ 506: Society/ Innovation Here are two important courses contributing to breadth: the value of the two "Plus" courses are described, one of which is required