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Based on your experience, what did you like most about NAN 505 and/or 506 and why? What did you learn from attending NAN 505: Nanoscience & Society and/or NAN 506: Innovation & IP Management

NAN 505 - The aspect that I enjoyed the most was actually running the Nanoscience booth during the Tempe Festival of the Arts.  I was initially skeptical when I first heard about it.  However, I really enjoyed the experience of trying to explain science to the public, particularly children.  You learn a lot trying to teach something to someone who knows absolutely nothing about it.  Most importantly, it was enjoyable. What I took away from the class was a better sense of how scientific research is funded.  More importantly, I learned how important it is for the scientific community to be able to explain science to the public. (Dan Nguyen)

NAN 506 - I would of never have guessed all of the work that is put in for Intellectual  Property and how much it actually matters to big companies. Now, I understand that certain information can give or take away the edge of a company. It gave me an insight of what patent lawyers do and the procedures that need to be done. Overall, I am glad for this insight which will be beneficial later in industry and future endeavors (Jonny Martinez)

NAN 506 almost made me want to become a patent lawyer—almost! This was a great course. I enjoyed learning about the history of IP law and the process for patenting almost anything. There was a significant amount to learn and the material was straightforward. The homework assignments helped to enhance the learning as they were mostly based on real-world businesses and company products. Personally, the business and funding aspects (Angel, VC, etc.) were not of interest. While the material was relevant and well presented, this topic cannot be taught in a classroom. (Having gone through an Angel funding pitch I can assert this fact but I assume other students would understandably disagree.)  (Ashlee Harris)

Although I learned both the courses, I highly recommend 506 over 505 as 506 has very relevant content and package for a student to jump into science field.  505 organization has focus on group discussion but it is loosely moderated which takes away value. (Nirav Jadav)