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Feedback: Quantum Physics

Based on your experience, what did you like most about NAN 571 and why? What did you learn from attending NAN 571: Quantum Physics for Nanoscience

This class is an introductory course to Quantum Physics for non-physicists, and this is the thing that I liked most about it. In fact, the course allowed me to approach and then delve deeper into the fascinating physics of the “quantum world”, despite the fact that I had a completely different educational background… I also enjoyed a lot the opportunity to learn Mathematica, which we mainly applied to solve the homework assignments.  Overall, I think that this was the best course I have ever taken in my entire academic career! (Angelo DiBernardo)

Coming from a biological background, I really liked that the quantum course forced me to think in a different manner.  It challenged me (not only my perspective but also my intellect) and influenced me to start looking at biology with a more physical eye (e.g. to physically interpret phenomena like fluorescent biomolecules). From the course, I was able to polish my math skills and to improve my Mathematica skills, which I really appreciated. (Dan Nguyen)

The teacher! He is so dedicated and patient which I think are the most important criteria for someone who teaches Quantum Mechanics.  I learned basics of Quantum physics which helped me to understand some of the things I already knew in more depth which was quite interesting for me. Moreover, it is a good combination with Materials Physics and Electron Microscopy courses. (Majid Vahayenegar)

In retrospect, what would you like to add to (or subtract from) the content of NAN 571 and why?

Ideally, there would be some sort of transition course where those from a bio-background could ease into the quantum/stat mech material…that being said, I do not know if there is any course that can adequately prepare anyone for quantum. (Ashlee Harris) *

I would not change a thing about the NAN 571 course. (Jeff Burkhardtsmeyer)

*Note: we no longer require NAN 571 for students with a Biochemistry or Biomedical background