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Feedback: Professional Seminar

Based on your experience, what did you like most about NAN 591 and why? What did you learn from attending NAN 591: Professional Seminar?

I thought it was a good forum for meeting and interacting with other students in the PSM program.  It was also a good reference for discussing some of the encountered difficulties in some of our other technical courses, where NAN 591 provided good peer/ instructional feedback for those who needed it.  It was also very educational to meet and listen to the presentations of visiting speakers who were involved in nanotechnology research at the academic and industrial level. (Ahmed Barakat)

I most enjoyed the discussions with faculty speakers.  For those speakers where I had a sufficient background to understand a majority of their talk, I really valued the chance to ask them about their work and to clarify any confusing details...  With my biological background, some of the lectures were difficult to follow completely.  So I think what I ultimately ended up learning and gaining from NAN 591 were skills. Personally, one skill that I developed through the course, thanks to the faculty speakers, was that of asking questions.  I had usually kept quiet in the past but, for whatever reason, I felt like I became more comfortable interacting with academic professionals. (Dan Nguyen)

I felt the portions of the course where the students gave presentations were the most useful, since this is a skill in which one can never have too much practice. (Jeff Burkhardtsmeyer)

NAN 591 proved a course which made other courses easy for me. It focused on team work rather than individual contribution. When student comes to PSM, mainly they will be from BS degree or any bachelors and they need communication/soft skills, which this course teaches perfectly well due to various discussions and seminars as part of it. Recently online content made it even better for working professionals to attend remotely. Another benefit I saw in NAN 591 is 1 or 2 credit hour per semester; generally students cannot afford 3 credit hours but can go for 1 or 2 extra credits. (Nirav Jadav)