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Feedback: Course Choices

This page is the landing page for a Course Questionaire given over the past few years.

Students who graduated recently have completed an extensive Feedback Questionaire, which will help us to improve the degree program even further. A sample of their responses will be featured here to show the flavor of their experience.

Describe any benefit to you (or drawback) from having a wide range of courses to choose from, giving specific examples:

Nanoscience is a very diverse field drawing from many disciplines. I feel like the people who choose it for their study have a specific idea in mind as to what they want to learn and what they will eventually do with that knowledge. A wide range of courses allows them to better specialize their education.. and it also makes it easier for part-time students to build a schedule that fits their needs. For example, if a student can only take online courses, evening courses, etc... (Nathan Keech)

Personally, I was able to enhance my background by adding additional biochemistry and chemistry courses. This was a major benefit to my education. The chemistry courses were especially relevant and I wish I would have taken one or two more. (Ashlee Harris)

Nanoscience being an inherently diverse field of study, it is important to allow students to choose courses from their own particular area of interest, irrespective of the discipline (e.g. Physics, Chemistry, etc.) with which the courses may be traditionally associated.  For me it was important to have Physics courses available, but it was also useful to attend courses related to other specialties such as Materials and Biology in the curriculum. (Jeff Burkhardtsmeyer)

Having a wide range of choices was great because some of the classes were far off into the deep world of physics and others were far off into the surface of societal impact.  Being able to choose my own mixture allowed me to not only stay away from topics that would have been inappropriate for my background but also steer towards my career interests.  (David Richardson)