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Feedback: Applied Projects

Based on your experience, what did you like most about NAN 593 and why? What suggestions would you provide to improve NAN 593: Applied Project?

NAN 593 has represented for me a unique opportunity to work with the research group at ASU headed by Professor Mujica, who is investigating a topic extremely relevant to my interests. In addition to being actively involved in a fascinating research activity concerning the optimization of the heating generation properties of core-shell magnetic nanoparticles, NAN 593 has allowed me to foster my passion for research and acquire knowledge in a field which was completely new for me. (Angelo DiBernardo)

I feel the applied project can serve a couple different roles: it can provide students with little experience outside of school with hands on experience in a research lab and working under supervision; and/or it can provide students with an opportunity to practice and demonstrate creativity and innovation. Some students might need more of one than the other. For example, in my case I have plenty of experience working in a technical environment, but sought a way to exercise my design and entrepreneurial skills.(Nathan Keech)

The fact that students can join a group and get themselves lost in the research area they are interested in is the best thing about NAN 593. My suggestion is that because of the time pressures for those who intend to finish the program in one year, it might be a good idea to ask for the new admitted students to think about their group before they even start the program. This way they buy more time and can be more productive, in terms of the research; specially for those who are more interested in experimental fields. To be more precise, the sooner they choose and start the better! (Majid Vahayenegar)

I very much enjoyed working on the project with my advisor, as this opened me to a new area of research that I did not know much about before (medical imaging and biotechnology).  I appreciated the rigorous experimental aspect of the project which equipped me with strong skills for the work force (Ahmed Barakat)