Our Innovative Degree Program is

flexible, and caters for a range of previous qualifications. Here we set out our three Progam Options, and details of Courses and Advice available

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Degree Program

This tab contains a full description of our PSM in Nanoscience degree program

It serves several purposes: 1) as an online Brochure for visitors to the site including Applicants; 2) as lists of Courses available in fall and spring/summer semesters/sessions for current and accepted future Students; 3) as sources of Advice and Mentoring, provided by Alumni and Senior Students, and finally 4) as a check list for graduating students, including the timetable for graduation.

  • Check the first sidebar, Progam of Study, for an overview of the Course Structure and a lists of Core Courses, indicating the semesters in which the courses are given, and the number of credit hours for each course;
    • The three flexible Program Options are listed as pull-out menus under the Program of Study. You do not have to make a hard choice between them. But clearly your background qualifications, and where you want to go with the degree, will influence your initial choices;
  • 4+1 Programs are Accelerated degree programs aimed specifically at ASU Undergraduate students
  • Mentoring and Course Choice concerns advice, especially to accepted and current students
  • Steps to Graduation is a check list, primarily for graduating students

This tab is a work in progress, and currently a few links are to the backup site, which is not smart-phone friendly. Your feedback will help us to improve the experience for all students: future, current and past. Thank you for your interest in the PSM in Nanoscience at ASU