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This page encourages Alumni and Senior Students to become a Mentor to Students who are choosing courses, either before joining the PSM Program, or during their early semesters in the Program. The page was initially constructed by Nick Polich and John Venables, and will be continued by others. The following material is appendix E from Nick's Applied Project report. Should you wish to read the whole report, you can download it from this page in pdf form (~1MB). A simplified version of this page for Applicants and current Students is given under the Degree Program tab.

Dear PSM Nanoscience Alumni,

I have created a few documents and processes that will serve to strengthen the ASU Nanoscience program through cooperative student and alumni collaboration.  Through the course of this program, I have often felt at a loss of what courses to take since it covers so many disciplines.  A few times I have been stuck in courses that I either felt completely out of my element in or not prepared for from a pre-requisite standpoint.  After discussing this with other students, I do not believe I am alone in this and I believe it will be very advantageous to students who plan on taking a course to see what other students had to say about it regarding prerequisites and course material.  While you alumni will not be able to benefit from reading course descriptions prior to taking them, you would be helping out current and future students if you would fill out information on courses you took during the program.  This will be very beneficial to create a strong program.

Course Description Form:  Use this form to enter information on courses you have taken


You will enter the information on the classes using this online form, which will walk you through what is needed and provide instructions.  This form will automatically update the Course Description Spreadsheet.

Course Description Spreadsheet: View course descriptions by other students


This spreadsheet will house the information students have entered in on classes they have taken.  You will be able to search, sort and read through the descriptions on this spreadsheet in order to better inform you on your future courses.  You will not be able to edit content on this spreadsheet.  Content you entered may only be edited through the Course Description Form (above).  This will help protect your answers from being accidently deleted or changed.

Also, a mentor program could help guide new students through the course as well.  There are many benefits from being a mentor:

  • Increase your leadership abilities
  • Help your professional resume
  • Advance your knowledge by sharing it with others.
  • Truly be rewarding

 If you would like to volunteer to become a mentor, please fill out the PSM Mentor contact list below.

PSM Mentor Contact List:: A list of students willing to mentor other students.


New and Entering PSM Nanoscience students will be provided contacts from this list that they can call and discuss the program, classes and some general advice from experience gained by current students.  This guidance will be invaluable to new students as they embark on their graduate program.  It is also very beneficial to those that are mentors as well.

All this is voluntary, but I truly feel it will result in a stronger program and your help will go  long way in ensuring the longevity and success of this.


Nick Polich