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Applied Projects (NAN 593) form the culminating experience of the PSM in Nanoscience, and often are remembered as the most fufiling and influential aspect of the degree program. Project are challenging, in that the student has to find an Advisor, either in a research laboratory at ASU, or in their Workplace. So early planning, pursuasion and fast decision-making are crucial; these aspects are all discussed in the Professional Seminar (NAN 591) in the first semester. This page shows the Applied Projects that are being undertaken by Current Students. Click on the Project Title to reach the Project Abstract and the student's Advisor as a separate page. The Applied Project typically takes one semester and a summer session, or two semesters, and leads to the Project Report and Defense within that time.  

Title Abstract Project Student Project Advisor
Biofunctionalization of single nanocrystalline diamond surfaces

Diamond’s physical and chemical properties such as chemical inertness, high thermal conductivity and optical transparency make it an attractive substrate for integrated sensing and signaling. Researchers have employed various functionalization strategies for diamond films.

Sarah Rupprecht Robert Nemanich
Ab Initio Investigations of Electromagnetic Interaction of Quantum Systems and Plasmonic Materials The new research field of Nanoplasmonics has recently showed a great potential to become a new area in future photonic materials. Applications are vast, ranging from integrated photonic circuits, through Nanolasers, to optical detection and manipulation of individual atoms and molecules. Peyton McChesney Maxim Sukharev