Two PSM Alumni work at SkySong

One is a leading player in a global patent law firm. Another is CEO of a Bio-Med Startup. Read about them all and keep in touch.

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As of December 2016, we are very proud to have 60 Alumni of the PSM in Nanoscience program. We are pleased that our Alumni have enjoyed their degree program and have found jobs. Use these pages to find out more about them. Ask about their experiences, and/or obtain mentoring advice.

How we reached the current number of Alumni is described in detail under Recent Graduate Experiences

All Alums have done an Applied Project, considered as the culminating experience of the program. We feature individual Alumni, along wth their Project Advisors and Project Abstracts, at Alumni Projects

The remaining pages are experimental, and will evolve in response to what the Alumni and Current Students want. LinkedIn and Facebook groups are featured at PSM-Nano Alumni and Student Groups

There are opportunities for Alums to mentor students and advise applicants at Become a Mentor  Alums themselves can take a Student Survey. .Let us know whether you find this information interesting/ useful.