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Program Directors and Advisory Board members engage at the Annual Board meeting and throughout the year (as do students with both, and with each other)

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About introduces who we are, and who we are linked to. First, the highly dynamic Faculty are contributing to the Interdisciplinary PSM in Nanoscience of their own free will. As you can see from the Faculty list, they are associated with a wide range of Schools, Departments and Centers, and have roles as Course Professors and Applied Project Advisors, to name only the most important.

The Faculty List also includes Department Chairs, who have often also taught Courses or been Project Advisors themselves. This arises simply because Nanoscience and Nanotechnology expertise resides in so many different places at ASU, and because Interdisciplinary and Innovation are at the heart of ASU’s mission, embraced by the PSM in Nanoscience team.

Leadership is the core group comprising the PSM Director, Associate Director and PSM Coordinator, as well as the Founding Director. Their contact details are given on this page.

Partners are broken down into National Organizations, our Advisory Board, and Local Links. These pages tell you more about the National PSM organizations across disciplines, our Advisory Board that interacts closely with the Program, and Local Links to Schools, Departments and Centers.

Finally Contact Us gives several ways to interact with us by email or web form. We will be pleased to hear from you to answer specific questions, and to receive feedback on the new web site